Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Videos of the Nazarene Church Compound in Jerusalem

The NCO District team had a wonderful and productive time in Israel. It was great working with Pastor Shahade Twal and getting to know him and his lovely family. We were able to accomplish far more at the compound than Shahade had initially planned for us. Here are a few videos that show the compound inside and out after our time working there.

Click the link below to see my YouTube video of the compound around the outside of the Nazarene Church in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Nazarene Compound exterior

Click the link below to see the interior of the lower level and the sanctuary of the church.

Jerusalem Nazarene Compound interior

Click the link below to see the roof, the cross, the letters on the front of the church and the perimeter of the compound from the roof.

Jerusalem Nazarene Church Roof

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